Choosing Your Siding

The smart consumer chooses Northeast Window Inc. to install exterior siding projects because they expect quality products that add beauty and value to their home while protecing the home and its occupants from the elements. Northeast Window Inc. offers you beauty, value, the industry’s best warranties and the lowest prices. Deciding on the color of your new siding is where the customer concentrates most time and thought in the selection process. At Northeast Window Inc., we want you to make the best choices. That is why we help you to look at all of the factors you need to consider.

Without knowing what to look for, it can be puzzling trying to tell different vinyl siding lines apart. Most consumers report that the color is the only difference that sets them apart. After a free consultation with a Northeast Window representative, you’ll discover that color is only one factor to consider when selecting new siding.

There are four key areas of distinction among siding lines:

1. Gauge

Gauge is the thickness, weight or density of the siding product. When you select a siding with a better gauge, you gain greater protection from the weather and incidental impacts to your house. Thicker siding is also more rigid. Higher gauged siding is engineered to offer you a more attractive finished look because it hangs straighter, flatter and closer to your existing walls.

2. Grain

Because vinyl siding is usually molded with different wood grains to offer different exterior looks, you can select different wood grain effects to enhance your home’s appearance. Building designers suggest that while smooth grains tend to work well with homes with traditional and contemporary architectural styles, grains that are more accentuated tend to provide home owners with a rustic appearance.

3. Profiles

Similar to the grain, vinyl sidings are made with different profiles to create different exterior looks. You will want to compare sidings for their traditional clapboard appearance, a beveled look, or even something that offers the old-fashioned charm of a beaded panel.

4. Color

Now you’re ready to select the perfect color and only Northeast Window Inc. can offer you so many colors to make your selection


At Northeast Window, Inc. we sell Mastic vinyl sidings.

masticQuestLogos Unquestionably the finest premium siding available, Quest3 is formulated for endurance and fade resistance and has remarkable textures and colors from which to choose.


carvedwood Homeowners turn to Carvedwood2 for its superior weather protection, versatile good looks and affordability.
barkwood Barkwood revolutionized home exterior design 30 years ago with innovative beauty and durability. . .a true American classic.
brentwood Brentwood, quality vinyl siding that’s beautiful and economical.

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